Bairro Corfu
Coffee & Friends

The oasis of coffee in Corfu is found in the south, a breath of endless sandy beaches and next to Lake Korissia. It is one of the most popular meeting points in the area and it is close to you daily from morning till night to meet your every wish.

About Us

Our philosophy

Coffee is one of our little daily pleasures. It is our habit at the beginning of the day, our best “friend” while relaxing and the instant stimulation in fatigue. Coffee needs to be good and tasty to make your moment special! Bairro Corfu Cafe is here for that... To make your moment special!

Our Coffee

Coffee, is an integral part of our everyday life. Having been well-established for good coffee, we are becoming more selective about our favorite habit.That's exactly what we do at Bairro Corfu Cafe! We cover your need for good coffee.

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